Liddle Kidz® Foundation courses are modern; evidence informed and focus on giving you the tools and background needed to provide the best therapeutic care for children and their families.

Each and every course is developed and personally led by master teacher Tina Allen. This gives you the awesome opportunity to learn in a dynamic style that professionals understand and embrace. The focus is always on utilizing various teaching methods to provide comprehensive and up-to-date education that best suits all learners’ needs and is never “Powerpoint” driven.

I am not a licensed massage therapist. Will I still be able to participate in your courses?

Massage therapists and healthcare providers of many backgrounds join our courses and are successful at implementing what they have learned under their scope of practice. Many of our pediatric massage and touch therapy courses require a background in massage therapy and/or other healthcare backgrounds.

For example:

The Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT®) course is a course designed for teaching parents and does not require a specific healthcare background.

The Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT®) course is a course designed for healthcare professionals who wish to provide touch therapy for their patients/clients and teaching their families and does require a specific healthcare background.

If you are not sure how you can use touch therapy under your scope of practice, please contact us and we will be happy to give you information and point you in the correct direction.


I am a massage therapy student or another professional healthcare student. Will I still be able to participate in your courses?

Massage Therapy and professional healthcare students are welcome to participate in our courses with the understanding that certification will not be granted until they have completed their healthcare course of study.

For example:

Massage Therapy students may attend our courses while in massage school, but they will need to provide their massage degree and/or licensure in order to receive official certification from our organization.


Some of the amazing people we train include;

Allied healthcare professionals ⬤ Certified Childbirth Educator ⬤ Child Life Specialists (CCLS) ⬤ Child Life Therapists (CLTs) ⬤ Doulas (CD, PPD)

Early Childhood Educator (ECE) ⬤ Early Education Teachers ⬤ Early Intervention Specialists ⬤ Healthcare Providers ⬤ Home Visitors

Hospital Play Specialists (HPS) ⬤ Infant & Child Mental Health Specialists ⬤ Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) ⬤ Massage Therapists

Midwives ⬤ Newborn Nursery Nurse (NNEB) ⬤ Nurses (RN, NICU, PICU, LVN, CNA, CNS, PHN, LPN) ⬤ Occupational Therapists (OTR/L, OT)

Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) ⬤ Pediatric Critical Care Specialist (Pediatric Intensivist) ⬤ Pediatric Developmental Specialists

Physical Therapists (PT, PTA) ⬤ Physiotherapists ⬤ Physicians (MD, Pediatrician, FAAP) ⬤ Special Education Teacher

Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) ⬤ Yoga Practitioners

How do I attain certification in your programs?

Each course has specific requirements and course content related to our comprehensive programs. When completing the educational modules, whether online or in-person, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

For example:

When attending the Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT®) course in our Virtual Learning Lab, you will be asked to complete all modules and exam online. Once complete, you will receive an e-certificate of completion. In order to receive certification, you will be asked to return to our office, a copy of your e-certificate of completion along with your healthcare license. After we review and approve your required documents you will receive OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION!

You can view details and information about each of our comprehensive certification courses by clicking HERE.

Hospital-based program development is our specialty.

Tina Allen of Liddle Kidz® Foundation is considered the premier authority in developing pediatric massage and touch therapy programs in hospitals.

Tina has been instrumental in collaborating with numerous healthcare staff, medical professionals, and hospitals in the implementation of pediatric massage therapy in over 200+ institutions globally.

Please contact us to discuss the needs of your organization and learn more about how we can re-imagine pediatric healthcare together by clicking HERE.

What is the difference between certification as a Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT®) and a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT®)?

🌟Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT®)

The CIMT® is a non hands-on course.

Comprehensive certification qualifies the student to demonstrate knowledge and skill in guiding parents and families in the practical application of infant massage.

Certified Infant Massage Teachers (CIMT®) instruct parents & caregivers on how to massage their children in group and private classes.

Teachers & Students use baby dolls to practice & demonstrate massage techniques.

🌟 Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT®)

The CPMT® is a hands-on pediatric massage therapy course focusing on children from toddler age through late adolescence.

Comprehensive certification provides healthcare providers with educational and professional background to enhance their skills to provide massage therapy for children with a variety of special health care backgrounds.

During the course, learn age appropriate approach, language considerations, professional boundaries, safety guidelines, and considerations for working in a variety of settings (private practice, clinical and medical environments) including infection control and patient privacy.

This blog post will also help you understand the differences between infant and pediatric massage therapy. You can read the entire post by clicking HERE.

Do you offer advanced and specialized training courses in pediatric massage and touch therapy?

We offer the largest number of evidence-informed pediatric massage and touch therapy certification courses in the world.

All courses are designed by Tina Allen to educate and advance the skills of healthcare professionals in providing safe and effective pediatric massage and touch therapy.

You can view a full listing of our comprehensive courses HERE.

Do I need to take the CPMT® course prior to specialized Touch Therapy courses such as Autism, Cancer, or Trauma?

We believe you should have a strong foundation in pediatric touch therapy via the Liddle Kidz® philosophy and method before joining one of our specialized courses. 

You will be most successful in our advanced Touch Therapy Courses (e.g., Touch Therapy courses such as Autism, Cancer, Trauma or Hospital-based Massage Therapy, etc.) once you have undertaken the CPMT®  course.

Should you have significant pediatric experience and believe you might be successful in an advanced Touch Therapy course without first joining the CPMT® course, we recommend you contact us HERE to discuss prior to enrollment.

Our goal is to make sure you will successfully implement everything you learn with Liddle Kidz® to best benefit every child and family.

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Working with Tina was dynamic and life enhancing. She is someone who has taken her focus on pediatric touch therapy as a way to connect with people who want to contribute by making the world a more connected and caring place.

Robert D. Sheeler, M.D.
Mayo Medical School
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I am very grateful to have had the experience of working with Tina Allen, and her staff in my role as patient advocate for a population of children affected with retinoblastoma.

Nancy Mansfield, Ph.D.
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology,
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
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Thank you Tina, for making my dream of bringing touch therapy to the children at Mattel Children's Hospital a reality.

Samantha Drohan Betti, RN, MS
Director of Acute Care Pediatrics, Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA
Registered Nurse, Master of Science (MS)
Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP)
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Working in a pediatric acute care setting, I wondered if I would learn anything 'new.' I left infused with passion, knowledge, motivation and practical tools to share the wonderful art of touch with families. Tina is simply the best!

Karen Gillespie Haeg, MA, BCMT, CIMT, CPMT
Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Integrative Medicine Clinic
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Tina Allen has been instrumental to the growth of our integrative medicine department and pediatric massage program here at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Dr. Ana Verissimo, MD
Division of Pain Management Integrative Medicine Department Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
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We are excited to announce our comprehensive certification courses are offered online through the Virtual Learning Lab.

Liddle Kidz® invites you into the cloud to re-imagine pediatric healthcare by providing the skills, evidence-informed foundation and comprehensive touch therapy tool kit to achieve your goals and prepare for your future in pediatric touch therapy through our virtual classroom.

Please visit the Virtual Learning Lab by clicking HERE and you will see all details for registration, pricing and discounted course bundles.

We would love to speak with you! We offer a number of options for group/organization training and personalized programs.

Tell us a little about your organization and what course(s) you are interested in hosting.

Contact us right HERE and let's get started customizing a program that supports your goals!

Will I receive continuing education units (Credits) for attending Liddle kidz® foundation courses, and will these hours count towards my continuing education requirements?

We know you are excited to join our courses, and we can't wait to see you, too!

As a professional, we understand you take your educational choices seriously, which makes it even better that you have chosen Liddle Kidz® Foundation.

Our courses are approved and accredited internationally by numerous organizations, including NCBTMB, AOTA, CA Board of Registered Nursing, and more. We invite you to visit our CEU accreditation section to learn more. Please click HERE to read about our amazing accreditations and if you do not see your organization listed, just contact us.

The first-of-its-kind, our Return to Learn Guarantee is designed to support the advancement of the touch therapy profession. Once you have completed a specific course with us, you can always rejoin that course absolutely free.

Learn all about our  amazing Return to Learn Guarantee by clicking HERE.

You can find all of the registration details, pricing information and discount course bundles and more displayed in the Liddle Kidz® Virtual Learning Lab HERE.

However, to give you a quick sneak peak of the pricing info:

🌟 Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT®) Certification course is $895USD

🌟 Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT®) Certification course is $895USD

🌟 We also offer several specialized Touch Therapy courses in many advanced Infant and Pediatric focus areas such as NICU, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Oncology, Trauma, Palliative & Hospice Care and Hospital-based Massage Therapy.

Currently we are providing an extra special  bonus - complimentary access to our Virtual Knowledge Vault ($500 USD value per vault) and amazing discounted bundles to help you reach your educational goals.

Our courses always include lifetime access to all materials, ongoing support and mentorship and no annual re-certification fees.

How can I request for Tina Allen to speak at a conference or symposium?

Tina Allen speaks at numerous professional conferences annually.

To request an appearance, please contact us HERE with details of your event and we'll be happy to discuss everything in detail.

How can I become involved with Liddle Kidz® Foundation?

Liddle Kidz® Foundation provides many opportunities to become involved with our foundation through our internationally recognized certification programs, ongoing research studies, and our global initiative the International Therapeutic Exchange Program (iTEP®).

Our focus to provide the most innovative care for children and their families offers many outstanding opportunities to become involved in our international community.

I would like to volunteer to participate in overseas outreach to children provide therapeutic interventions in other countries. How can I learn more about becoming a Global Ambassador with the Liddle Kidz® Foundation?

Liddle Kidz® Foundation global ambassadors are professional healthcare providers who bring their expertise to each and every outreach program. Specialized training in infant and pediatric massage therapy will help ensure the successful implementation of the support we provide to create replicable and sustainable change.

Through the International Therapeutic Exchange Program (iTEP®), we address critical tactile needs by working directly with families and healthcare providers in pediatric hospitals, hospices, and orphanages to provide comprehensive therapeutic services, consultation, education, program development, and support.

Learn more about our International Therapeutic Exchange Program (iTEP®) by clicking HERE.

Welcome to Liddle Kidz®! Embark on an exciting learning adventure with our expertly designed courses. Whether you prefer the engaging atmosphere of our in-person classes or the convenience of our comprehensive online certification courses in the Virtual Learning Lab, we’ve got something  for you.

🌟 LEARN ONLINE: Click HERE to enter our Virtual Learning Lab. Inside, you’ll find all the essentials: detailed course descriptions, easy registration, pricing, and even exclusive discounts on course bundles.

🌟 LEARN IN PERSON: For those who love the energy of live events, we’ve got you covered, too. Ensure you’re aware of our exclusive special in-person events by signing up for our newsletter or dropping us a note. Don’t miss out on these unique opportunities! Contact us HERE to stay updated.

 🌟 RETURN TO LEARN: Some students start with our Virtual Learning Lab and want to join us for the in-person event of the same course so they can learn even more. Introducing - the first-of-its-kind, our Return to Learn Guarantee is designed to support the advancement of the touch therapy profession. Once you have completed a specific course with us, you can always rejoin that same course absolutely free. Learn all about our amazing Return to Learn Guarantee by clicking HERE.

Join the Liddle Kidz®, where we believe Learning Should be Fun!

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