Follow Your Dreams, It Won’t Always Be Easy. Do It Anyway!

April 26, 2024

✨When I first mentioned pediatric massage and touch therapy, twenty years ago, eyes would glaze over.

Hospitals dismissed it as a concept with no place in their medical protocols. But something deep inside me whispered, “Follow your dreams. It won’t always be easy, but do it anyway!”

I listened to that voice.

Despite the doubts and the dismissals, I pressed on because I believe in the power of touch therapy to bring comfort and healing to children and their families. It was more than just a career path; it was a calling—to transform pediatric healthcare through the power of touch.

After years of relentless advocacy and education, we’ve made groundbreaking achievements.

Our programs have been integrated into over 200+ hospitals worldwide; we’ve educated, trained, and certified thousands of providers, and thousands of children and families have received the benefits firsthand.

We’re not just touching lives but making a measurable difference in global healthcare.

To anyone out there on the brink of giving up on their dream, remember this: the path isn’t always clear or easy, but every step, every setback, is worth it.

Keep moving forward.

Your dream holds incredible value.

And just like ours, it might one day change the world.

🩷 Tina Allen