Ask Yourself, Why Are You Still Paying Re-Certification Fees for Your Infant Massage Certification?

April 18, 2024

In the world of professional development, especially within healthcare and therapeutic fields, ongoing education is a must. However, the financial burden of maintaining certification can be significant, specifically through re-certification fees. If you’re an infant massage practitioner, it’s worth asking: what exactly are you getting for these fees?

The True Cost of Re-Certification

For many therapists, re-certification is a time-consuming and costly process. You’re not just paying for the continuation of a certificate on your wall—you’re supposed to be paying for ongoing support, updated educational materials, and assurance that your practices are current and effective. Yet, how often have you assessed the value you receive from these fees? Does your certifying organization actively support you, or do they simply send an invoice each cycle with little to no additional value?

Examining the Return on Investment

When you pay re-certification fees, evaluating the return on your investment is crucial. Are there tangible benefits such as new educational resources, networking opportunities, or direct support from the certifying body? If the primary interaction with your certifier post-initial certification is a bill for re-certification, you might need to reconsider the partnership.

A Different Approach: Liddle Kidz® Foundation

At Liddle Kidz®, we take a different approach. We believe the ongoing cost barrier of re-certification fees isn’t just unnecessary—it can be prohibitive for professionals looking to offer vital services like infant massage. We stand against the practice of re-certification fees, not only to ease financial burdens but also to foster a more supportive, sustainable practice for our therapists.

Support Without the Extra Cost

Instead of charging re-certification fees, we focus on what really matters: supporting and mentoring our practitioners. We ensure that all materials are current and reflect the latest healthcare practices without extra charge. Our commitment is to your continuous improvement and success in infant massage therapy, not revenue from certification renewals.

We prioritize ongoing support over recurrent fees. Liddle Kidz® provides continuous mentoring and updates educational materials to reflect the latest healthcare insights—all included with your initial certification cost. We’re committed to your success and constant improvement in infant massage therapy without additional financial burdens.

Stay Current and Supported

Our background in healthcare informs our operations and ambitions. We understand that keeping up with the latest research and techniques is imperative. That’s why we provide all necessary updates and support as part of your initial certification. We believe in building relationships, not transactions. Our model ensures you access the latest knowledge without recurrent financial pressures.

Make an Informed Choice

As you reflect on your certification needs and costs, consider what makes the most sense for your professional growth and financial health. With Liddle Kidz®, you’re not just a certified practitioner but a supported member of a community that values accessible, high-quality care without unnecessary fees.

For those already certified elsewhere, we encourage transitioning your certification to the Liddle Kidz® Foundation. We offer recognized international healthcare certification that supports your professional growth without the ongoing expense of re-certification fees. Join a community that supports its members robustly and sustainably, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters—providing excellent care.

Reflect on Your Choices

Consider the costs and benefits of your current certification arrangement. Is it really worth the investment, or could your professional needs be better met elsewhere? In choosing a certification body, opt for one that educates and supports its community consistently—like Liddle Kidz®.

Let your certification choice be as thoughtful as the care you provide. Opt for an organization that values continuous support without unnecessary costs, genuinely investing in the well-being of its members and those they serve.