Is Infant Massage Certification Right for You?

July 1, 2022

The practice of infant massage is not just for those interested in exploring infant massage as a career. Sensory stimulation is essential to the healthy development of every baby. Parents looking for evidence-informed developmental activities to use with their family may also be very interested in learning how to practice infant massage.

For massage therapists, healthcare providers, child development specialists, those who work with families, or other caring & dedicated people looking to start a new career – becoming a Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT®) may be the perfect fit!

What Is Infant Massage Therapy and the Benefits?

Infant massage therapy is the safe and effective use of specifically designed techniques taught to parents by trained and qualified Certified Infant Massage Teachers (CIMT®). CIMT®s play a vital role in helping families learn how to massage their babies and children. Parents will be the ones who will massage their children while guided through each technique step-by-step by a certified CIMT®.

Clinical research has shown that babies who receive massage experience various behavioral, cognitive, and developmental improvements. This type of touch therapy may aid in their physiological and neurological development and function, help soothe common discomforts, promote restful sleep for the infant (and parent), and increase healthy bonding for the entire family.

Becoming Certified in Baby Massage

There are many reasons to earn your certification in infant massage therapy.

For many parents learning infant massage is an amazing way to understand evidence-informed ways to provide developmental care for your family and increase the communication with their child.  Often, parents take part in the entire certification course as they wish to have a complete understanding of infant massage to provide the best care for their child.

Becoming certified in infant massage requires specific education, evidence-based professional training, and a desire to help families.

Massage Therapists, healthcare providers, child development specialists, and caring & dedicated individuals looking to start a new career find great success as CIMT®s. Training as a Certified Infant Massage Teacher will give professionals the education, knowledge, skill, and background to safely and effectively provide comprehensive support and education, enhancing a family’s ability to massage their child. 

The CIMT® certification course is designed to help you master the skills and application of educating families in providing massage for their children.

Who Can Become a Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT®)?

Many people may be interested in studying infant massage and this is perfect, as this particular course is open to people of different backgrounds. Especially beneficial to know upfront students of infant massage are not required to have hands-on licensure to attend the CIMT® course. CIMT®s do not provide massage directly for infants but rather teach their parents to provide massage. 

To join the CIMT® course, no previous training or educational prerequisite is necessary. During the CIMT® course, you will learn everything you need to know to start your new career or enhance your existing professional scope of practice with the evidence-informed use of infant massage.

Parents and families researching the benefits of baby massage are often excited to learn the skills and evidence of using this developmental approach with their children.

For child development, education, and healthcare professionals, the concept of adding certification in infant massage to their background should be strongly considered. Using baby massage can enhance your career and help families simultaneously.

Some of the many providers who would thrive with the use of infant massage include:

  • Massage therapists who would like to expand their practice and increase their skill set to work in a variety of settings
  • Healthcare providers such as Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Child Life Specialists, and NICU staff
  • Midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, and lactation consultants
  • Early Intervention Specialists, Early Years Consultants, Headstart, and First 5 Year Educators
  • Prenatal/Parent and Baby Yoga Instructors and parent educators

What Can You Do With Your Infant Massage Certification?

Once you have completed the required coursework and exam to achieve your certification as an infant massage teacher, you can:

  • Educate parents and families.
  • Private Classes – Many families like the personal attention of private lessons due to the one-on-one focus. CIMT®s may lead private lessons in various settings, including the family’s home, your space, or your clinical office. 
  • Group Classes – Providing a group class is an amazing way to impact many families during one session. The CIMT® can teach and adapt information and knowledge for families of many backgrounds at one time. 
  • Healthcare and Hospitals – Healthcare settings and hospitals across the globe are rapidly increasing their integrative approach, including infant massage education and research study participation provided by CIMT®s as an innovative, family-centered care approach. 
  • Present at conferences and community events to share the many benefits of infant massage.

Internationally Accredited Certification for Infant Massage

A Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT®) is not only an instructor but also a parent educator who teaches the practice of infant massage to parents and family caregivers in the presence of their babies and toddlers.

Certification qualifies the CIMT® to demonstrate knowledge and skill in guiding parents and families in the practical application of infant massage. 

Certified Infant Massage Teachers teach parents and caregivers how to massage their children in group and private classes.

Qualification as an Infant Massage Teacher does not grant certification to provide hands-on touch therapy for infants. CIMT®s do not directly massage babies but use baby dolls to demonstrate infant massage techniques. 

A CIMT®s goal is to help empower families using infant massage to nurture their loving relationships.

Qualified Programs for Infant Massage Certification

Knowing the program is accredited will be important as you become more interested in achieving your infant massage certification. 

Liddle Kidz® Foundation courses provide internationally accredited and respected pediatric touch therapy and infant massage certification. 

Every Liddle Kidz® course is designed by leading pediatric touch therapy expert, Tina Allen, to advance the skills of healthcare professionals in providing safe and effective care.

Liddle Kidz® Foundation award-winning educational courses are the most comprehensive way to start your career in touch therapy and are offered as virtual learning options in the Virtual Learning Lab.

We offer students, parents, therapists, healthcare professionals, and leading healthcare institutions a modern, well-designed, seamless online learning experience via our virtual learning lab. Through our step-by-step, self-paced, user-friendly educational method, our goal is to help you achieve yours.

As a CIMT®, you have the special opportunity to impact a child and their family for a lifetime!