My Journey to Re-Certifying with Liddle Kidz®: A Transformative Experience

April 28, 2024

When I began my career as an infant massage teacher, I was filled with enthusiasm and a strong desire to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children and their families. However, as I navigated through my initial certification process, I couldn’t shake off a nagging feeling that something was amiss. The training I received felt insufficient and disconnected from the realities of healthcare today—it wasn’t led by healthcare professionals and didn’t seem to be based on current, evidence-informed practices. Moreover, the lack of support from the certifying organization left me feeling isolated and unsure about my skills. That’s when I realized I needed a change, and I found my solution in Liddle Kidz® Foundation.

Why I Sought Re-Certification

The decision to seek re-certification wasn’t easy, especially considering the financial and time investment I had already made. However, I knew I needed a program that was not only credible but also thorough and supportive. When I approached the other organization about massage for autism, their response was that they don’t focus on special needs children, and I was left to research it on my own. So, I conducted my own research online about massage for children with autism and came across Liddle Kidz® Foundation. Their website provided extensive resources for autism and other special healthcare diagnoses, which aligned perfectly with my desired focus, especially since the area where I lived had a significant presence of autism and special healthcare needs.

A First Impression That Lasted

From the moment I began my re-certification with Liddle Kidz®, the difference in quality was palpable. The foundation of the program is deeply rooted in the latest pediatric and healthcare research, led by the expert in infant and pediatric massage therapy, Tina Allen, who is passionate about infant well-being. The comprehensive nature of the training covered aspects I hadn’t fully understood before, and the hands-on approach significantly boosted my confidence.

Training That Transcends Traditional Learning

The Liddle Kidz® program was far from the passive learning experience I had previously endured. It was interactive and immersive, offering continual access to resources and expert guidance. The opportunity to learn from leading healthcare professionals provided a perspective that was grounded in clinical practice and current studies. This was exactly what I had been looking for: an education that prepared me to provide the best care possible.

Support That Makes a Difference

Perhaps the most significant contrast between my previous certification and Liddle Kidz® was the level of support offered. Liddle Kidz® didn’t just hand me a certificate and move on; they welcomed me into a community. The ongoing mentorship and access to updated materials have been invaluable. They ensure that I am never out of touch with new methods or changes in the field, which has been crucial for my professional growth and confidence.

Real-World Impact and Career Advancement

My re-certification with Liddle Kidz® wasn’t just an academic exercise—it had real-world implications. After completing several courses with Liddle Kidz® and reaching out to Tina Allen for career advice, the support and guidance I received were nothing short of transformative. Tina Allen, along with the Liddle Kidz® team, mentored and supported me throughout my journey. When it came to advancing my career, Tina went above and beyond; she referred me to an incredible opportunity in pediatric palliative care and supported me by writing a reference letter. Her involvement was instrumental in helping me provide essential support to families during their most challenging times.

Looking Forward

Reflecting on my journey, I am incredibly grateful for the decision to re-certify with Liddle Kidz®. It has not only enhanced my professional capabilities but also placed me on a career path that feels truly impactful. For those feeling uncertain about their training or considering a re-certification, I can wholeheartedly recommend Liddle Kidz®. Here, you’re not just gaining a certificate; you’re becoming part of a community that uplifts and supports you at every step of your career.