The Must-Try Parenting Hack This Summer: Touch Therapy

July 1, 2023

Welcome to Summer: Connecting with Your Child Through Touch Therapy

As the air fills with the enticing fragrance of seasonal blooms and children’s laughter rings out in the neighborhood, we’re all delighted to welcome summer – the season of sunshine, family gatherings, and, of course, the much-awaited summer vacations. As we bask in the bliss of this vibrant season, let’s delve into how touch therapy can become a potent tool to deepen connections with your child, fostering comfort and relaxation and even alleviating the minor aches and pains that come with the joys of summer.

What is Touch Therapy?

Before we dive into our summer-specific strategies, let’s discuss touch therapy, also known as massage therapy. This holistic approach employs hands-on techniques to promote relaxation, improve circulation, ease stress, and aid in overall wellness. It’s a scientifically-backed method that can significantly impact a child’s physical and emotional well-being.

Building Castles, Building Connections

Children’s arms and hands can feel fatigued after a long day of building sandcastles under the warm sun. Touch therapy can turn this experience into a perfect opportunity for bonding. Imagine, as the sun dips below the horizon, you can help your child unwind with a gentle arm and hand massage. Using a soothing lotion or oil, gently knead their tired muscles, incorporating playful elements like “This little piggy” finger play or tracing shapes on their palms. This routine will provide relief from their tired muscles and create a nurturing space for conversation about their day’s adventures.

Post-Sports Refresh

Summertime is synonymous with outdoor games and sports. Physical activities can sometimes result in sore muscles, whether it’s a friendly soccer match or a competitive round of tag. A foot massage can provide relief after a day of running around with friends. You might wish to start by soaking your child’s feet in a bowl or tub of warm water. Then, slowly and gently, massage their feet, paying extra attention to the soles. This refreshing session can also open the door to discussions about sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance.

Sleepover Soothers

The idea of staying overnight away from home can be daunting for some children, triggering anxiety. Touch therapy can help alleviate these worries. Before a sleepover or a stay at a summer camp, consider using touch therapy for your child. Use soothing techniques to help relax their mind and body. Consider sharing self-care methods with your child when they are aware and feeling a little stressed. You can accompany this relaxing time with calming music and maybe a story or two about your childhood sleepovers. This act of bonding can reassure them, instilling a sense of security and comfort.

A Note to Healthcare Providers

Pediatric healthcare providers are in a unique position to advocate for touch therapy. By educating parents about its benefits, you can support the physical health of the children in your care and contribute significantly to their emotional development. If you’re a pediatric healthcare provider, consider hosting workshops, lessons, or informational sessions about touch therapy and its role in summer wellness.

Summer is indeed a season of joy, connection, and growth. As parents, families, and healthcare providers, we have an opportunity to leverage the power of touch therapy to turn every interaction into a nurturing experience. Not only does it help soothe the physical fatigue of an active summer day, but it also strengthens the emotional bond between a child and their caregiver.

So, let’s embrace the warmth of summer and, with it, the warmth of touch therapy. The sand may brush off, the salt may wash clean, and the tans may fade, but our memories and connections with our children this summer will last a lifetime.

Happy summer!